Command Package in Noobslab Repository

The user named ‘~noobslab‘ has no PPA named ‘ubuntu/icon’
Please choose from the following available PPAs:
* ‘apps’: Apps collection by
* ‘apps-dependencies’: Dependencies For Different Apps
* ‘apps2’: Apps collection 2 by
* ‘bisigi-themes’: Bisigi Old Themes
* ‘conky’: Conky
* ‘debian’: Debian PPA
* ‘deepin-sc’: Linux Deepin Applications
* ‘doublecmd’: Double Commander
* ‘evolvere’: Evolvere Icon Suite
* ‘gnome’: Gnome 3 – Noobslab
* ‘icons’: Collection of icons PPA
* ‘icons2’: Collection of icons PPA2
* ‘indicators’: Ubuntu Indicators Collection
* ‘linuxlite’: Linux Lite Applications
* ‘macbuntu’: Macbuntu by NoobsLab
* ‘malys-themes’: Best Malys Themes
* ‘mint’: Mint Packages for Ubuntu
* ‘mpv-ppa’: MPV PPA
* ‘nemo’: Nemo File Manager
* ‘nitrux-os’: Nitrux PPA
* ‘noobslab-conky’: Conky Collection by NoobsLab
* ‘pcsx2’: PlayStation 2 Emulator
* ‘pear-apps’: Pear OS Applications
* ‘photography’: Important Photography Apps
* ‘plymouth-themes’: Plymouth Themes
* ‘potenza’: Potenza
* ‘ppa-gimp’: Gimp
* ‘resupport’: Applications ported for Current Ubuntu Versions
* ‘rhythmbox’: RhythmBox Media Player
* ‘screenlets’: Desktop Screenlets
* ‘swar-themes’: Transparent Swar Themes
* ‘testing1’: Testing PPA 1
* ‘testing2’: Testing PPA 2
* ‘testing3’: Testing PPA 3
* ‘testing4’: Testing PPA 4
* ‘themes’: Themes Collection by NoobsLab

Example Command in terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/themes

Press Enter

Source: Terminal tiOS repository

Good Luck


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